5 Reasons Why Mount Galunggung is a Perfect Choice For Your Weekend Trip From Jakarta

It’s been a while since I hike mountains. I kind of miss it but I am not ready to do a difficult hiking trip yet with all the backcountry camping equipments, proper preparation and physical fitness. No, not when I am so out of shape, spent months in quarantine, eating noodles, gaining few pounds, andLanjutkan membaca “5 Reasons Why Mount Galunggung is a Perfect Choice For Your Weekend Trip From Jakarta”

Welcome To The Jungle!

I was put on furlough during the pandemic in my tourism-field job. That furlough was then prolonged for months, and then eventually I had to search for another job to keep myself afloat.I updated my resume and started to look for another job.The job searching was awful, I sent dozens of applications with no results.ILanjutkan membaca “Welcome To The Jungle!”

Suffer in Silence

When we open our eyes in the morning, When we wake up and about to start our day,We will never know how our day is going to go,Who we are going to meet,What things that about to happen, What we will find,What we will lose,Will it be a wonderful day, Or will it be aLanjutkan membaca “Suffer in Silence”

5 Beautiful Weekend Getaway Spots from Hectic Jakarta

If you live in Jakarta, you may find yourself missing nature after some time. The city offers extravagance malls, skyscrapers, busy roads and constructions. City-dwellers may sometimes feel the need to get away from it. The city is lacking in public spaces, nature, and a breeze of fresh air. If you need ideas for aLanjutkan membaca “5 Beautiful Weekend Getaway Spots from Hectic Jakarta”